What does it mean to have a “linked” Trip Item?

A TripCase trip item gets linked automatically to any reservation arranged through one of our TripCase affiliates.If you booked your trip through an affiliated airline, agency or corporate travel program, the trip is “linked” to the original booking agent.

Any changes made to the itinerary through your travel provider are synced and automatically updated in your TripCase account.

If you booked your trip through a connected travel provider that means the trip is “linked” to the original booking agent. If you make any changes to the original bookings on your own, those changes will not appear in TripCase.

For example, say you decided to stay an extra day and re-booked your return flight on your own. In this case, you will not be able to remove the original return segment and will need to go through your original booking agent to have it removed. However, you can delete an entire linked booking – just not single segments of a trip booked through a connected travel provider.

To know how to link reservation codes to your account, click here (bottom).



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